2022 - 09 - 15

Broadgate is new partner to Mentor Sweden

Broadgate can proudly announce itself as new partner to Mentor Sweden. It is a non-profit organization with vision to create a world where young people can develop and grow healthy and drug-free. Through the mentorship tool, mentors work to give young people strengthened self-esteem, more faith in the future and increased empowerment.

Broadgate will act as a mentor and support to young people for an included society, as well as being involved and give inspiration in schools before their career choices. Furthermore, we will give advice and coach the young people to achieve their goals and dreams. Together with Mentor Sweden, we contribute to increased well-being among young people who have demonstrated a positive effect on society through reduced social costs.

” We at Broadgate find it inspiring and educative, for us as an active property owner in many of Sweden’s municipalities, to see young people develop, get involved and realize their ideas for a more sustainable and safe neighborhood says Richard Wollter, CEO Broadgate.

For further information please contact: 
Richard Wollter 
CEO, Broadgate Asset Management 
+46 70 751 9015